The History of LA Quinceañera & Tips for a Successful Celebration!

  December 21, 2016

There has been a long battle about who exactly invented the famous tradition called Quinceañera. Was it the Aztec’s  in Mesoamerica around  500 B.C. at age 15 boys became warriors and girls were ready to be the wives of these warriors. The Spanish Conquistador’s bring the tradition to the new world and Mexico.  It depends who you ask, but the tradition of initiation ceremonies has been around for centuries.

Contemporary festivities combine the Aztec and indigenous heritage with the Spanish-Catholic tradition.

The tradition evolves in the 1500’s when the celebration was held to introduce a young lady as a Virgin in a religious ceremony to the society or tribe which they grew up in.

There was serious preparation and initiation that took place back then.

The 15 year old had to learn to clean, cook, take care of her home, her siblings and potential husband. Today’s young ladies are definitely getting off easy!

This tradition is also very spiritual a celebration of thankfulness to God, for the life the young lady has been blessed to live and for her future.

The Aztec’s, Mayans, Incas usually held a tribal celebration it was the Spaniards that included an official church mass as part of the Quinceañera Tradition. Godparents are chosen just like when you were baptized, but in this case the Godparents are also called Sponsors as they are expected to contribute to your big event and planning of the ceremony.

The Modern Day Quinceañera can be a celebration that fits easily to any girl’s lifestyle, budget, and personality!

Here are our tips for a successful Quinceañera:

Start planning a year in advance this will give you time to really make your celebration the most amazing party ever.

Select your potential godparents or contributing sponsors. This will be a great way to get them involved from the very start and to discuss what their contributions may be so that you can plan accordingly.

Make a list of the number of guests. Always double your guest list to ensure you get the great turn out you would like, and the more people you invite the more presents you are sure to receive!

Make sure to pick your court damas y chambelanes is the official name of the young ladies and young men that accompany you. Usually 7 couples is a good number.

Make sure to give them enough notice so you can pick out their gowns and suits in time.

Pick a great location that will allow for a religious ceremony as well as an amazing party this way your guests do not have to go to multiple locations (i.e. a church and a banquet hall). Allure is the perfect location for your Quinceañera as your ceremony and big party can be at one state of the art location. Plus the selection of food is made easy as they have in house catering that includes all international cuisine!

Contact your church or priest to make sure they are there to bless you on your special day!

Select your court (seven couples is the magic number).

Don’t forget your band or DJ, photo booths and any additional activities to offer your guests.

Order the cake and the flowers (most Locations like Allure can also help you with these services).

Send your invitations and you are ready to rock that tiarra!

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  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.
  • “We had our daughters Quinceanera in the star ballroom and I have to say it was the best decision.”

    - Valencia K.
  • Ha, maybe he’s just a busboy trolling the competition because he schleps leftovers at a competing banquet hall!!

    - Jacline M.
  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.

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