Themed Party Ideas

  December 02, 2016

You’re planning your next party and you need some ideas. Choosing a certain theme for your party will all you and your guests to have a greater appreciation of the event. A themed party will let you and your guests get creative and you all can contribute to the overall fun and success of the party. So we’ve given you our top five themed party options. All the themes we’ve selected have been widely successful amongst all generations and Allure’s aesthetics and service will ensure your themed party is executed seamlessly!


Everyone loves mystery because of the thrill it brings. A masquerade theme will allow you and your guests creativity to soar as they incorporate their own flair to your event. You could also supply your guests with their own masks or entrust them with the task and you can sit back and watch a story unfold before your eyes!


We’ve found the most popular of the decade themed parties is the 20’s flapper era, 70’s disco fever, and the wild 80’s! We love any decade theme because you can have a costume party in the middle of the year instead of having to waiting around for Halloween.

3All White

An all white party brings an elegant and sophisticated style to your party. It seems like it wouldn’t allow for much extravagance or detail, but on the contrary!  An all white party will keep it clean to the eye and will let you and your guests to enjoy all the other aspects of your party. The music, lighting and don’t forget about food and drinks!


When classy meets fun is the best way to explain a casino themed party. Set up a few roulette, black jack and craps tables and your guests will be entertained throughout the night. Make up your own money vouchers to add your own personal touch.

5Arabian Nights

A night filled with enchantment and a fairy tale like setting is the essence of an Arabian nights theme. The lighting and exotic food will allow you to journey to another part of the world without leaving L.A.

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  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.
  • “We had our daughters Quinceanera in the star ballroom and I have to say it was the best decision.”

    - Valencia K.
  • Ha, maybe he’s just a busboy trolling the competition because he schleps leftovers at a competing banquet hall!!

    - Jacline M.
  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.

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