December 21, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of producing your own event?!

Although it takes a lot of work, it could be a very lucrative side gig, but most of all it is very exciting! You get to create your very own concert, fashion show, party, etc.

Whatever tickles your fancy you can create an event around it!

You can become your own promoter and producer of your future.

What makes you passionate? Is it comedy, music, fashion, sports?

Whatever you choose can become a great moneymaker. Here is how to do it!!

  • First, pick the “SHOW” you feel will sell to the people in your community.

Is your area in need of more comedy, live music, etc.

  • Then pick the artists you can make a deal with to promote. For example, a cool hot band that is willing to work with you on percentage, of profits.


  • Make sure to have a budget. How much will the entertainment cost, the location, the food etc., This will help you establish the size of the location in order for you to make a profit. The more seats or capacity you have the more you will make. It’s a numbers game. At Allure Events you have two gorgeous rooms to choose from so that you can easily turn a profit based on your ticket sales!
  • Give yourself 12-8 weeks in advance. You will have more time to sell, sell, sell tickets. Give an incentive for early bird buyers. For example, Tickets in advance are 35.OO dollars per person or 45.00 dollars at the door. A lot of people would purchase in advance in order to save 10.00 dollars per person.
  • Double and triple check to make sure your links to buy tickets is flawless. So many events have a very difficult experience for consumers to buy tickets. This can truly handicap your ticket sales without your knowing it. SO make it easy to buy tickets online for your consumers.
  • Use your tickets to get promotional support from local businesses, radio stations, newspapers, influencers and bloggers etc. Getting the word out is incredibly important so offering tickets to these folks will get them motivated to help you!
  • Make sure you are organized on the night of the event! If you make your audience happy, they will keep coming back for more. Being an event promoter is something you can do for extra income, and it’s a great deal of fun!

Guest Reviews

  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.
  • “We had our daughters Quinceanera in the star ballroom and I have to say it was the best decision.”

    - Valencia K.
  • Ha, maybe he’s just a busboy trolling the competition because he schleps leftovers at a competing banquet hall!!

    - Jacline M.
  • David was able to help me and my husband with our dream wedding, everything we asked for David made it happened.

    - David L.

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