Top 10 International Cuisines

  December 21, 2016

We love to eat, and traveling allows us to try some of the best cuisines from abroad. After traveling the world here are our top 10 countries with the best cuisine!

  1. United States of America

America can claim it is home to clam chowder, the Cobb salad, mac and cheese, hot dogs and most importantly, chocolate chip cookies. If you pair them with pistachio ice cream in the middle fresh out the oven, it is truly heavenly.

  1. Dominican Republican

Best known for Arroz Con Pollo (rice and chicken mix), Sancocho (poor man’s stew), tostones (fried green plantains), Pollo Guisado (chicken in red sauce) and another favorite Yucca Frita (fried yucca root) and many more delicacies. You have never tried a great cake until you taste the Suspiro” (meringue) on a Dominican cake (meringue).

8. Mexico

Traditional staples: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tamales and tostadas. There isn’t one human being alive who has not tried at least one of the above mentioned. Did you know, that Mole is Melted Chocolate with chili peppers and spices.

  1. Iran

Fesenjan (pomegranate walnut stew), Persian rice with raisins, cranberries, chicken and beef kabob’s, Ghorneh Sabzi, (stewed greens with parsley, spinach, leeks, coriander, or cilantro, kidney beans) and Tadeeg (burned rice flavored with saffron, similar to what the Caribbean’s call con-con). Persian food is very healthy and is similar to Mediterranean cuisine.

  1. Thailand

Unique in both the dishes they serve and their culture, Thailand serves up some of the most spiced out cuisine. Some of our favorites: TomYam soup, Laap (minced meat seasoned with roasted rice powder, lime juice, fish sauce and fresh herbs), Khao Soi (curry based noodle soup), Phat Thai (Rice noodles stir-fried with egg, tofu, and shrimp seasoned with fish sauce, sugar, tamarind and dried chili).

  1. France

We all love French bread and fries, but the love is way deeper.

Beef Bourguignon (beef stew in red wine), Coqau Vin (Chicken braised in red wine with lardons and mushrooms). Some how the French figured out how to make eating snails delicious, it’s called Escargot (snails baked in butter).

  1. Armenia

Eating is a big affair for Armenians. They start you off with a wide variety of appetizers that include: an array cheeses, cold cuts, shrimp and salad. Then it’s a feast of protein like chicken, filet mignon, lamb, beef Kofta (meatball,) Dolma (lentils, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, eggplant and more all wrapped in grape leaves) and Baklava (baked dough, walnuts, cinnamon, honey, cardamom, butter and eggs). Mouth watering just talking about it!

  1. Japan

We can’t deny that sushi has gained enormous popularity worldwide.  Other dishes include cooked veggies in broth, and a lot of fish form a big part of Japanese cuisine. It’s amazing we all learned how to eat raw fish thanks to them and we are all much healthier for it, but not necessarily thinner.

  1. India

Indian Cuisine incorporates tradition and religious options. The food is prepared with native herbs, spices, vegetables, rice, pearl millet and wheat flour are the main ingredients. North India uses mustard and peanut oil and the south uses coconut sesame oil. The South is also where the curry leaves are harvested. The most famous sweet dishes are Idly and Dosa, and chapatti.

THE NUMBER ONE FAVORITE international cuisine…drumroll please!

  1. Italy

The country that gave us pizza, and marinara sauce! The truth is that Italians eat very healthy and have mastered the grilled veggies like no other country. This is the oldest cuisine in the world dating back to the 4th Century! Besides bringing us espresso, Italians also invented the rainbow of pastas such as penne, linguine, spaghetti, lasagna, fusilli, tortellini and ravioli. We must not forget the best desserts in the world are Tiramisu and the Cannoli!

At Allure you can get any of the world’s greatest cuisine just call us and get more info on how to book your event with your favorite International cuisine!

Las 5 Mejores Cocinas Internacionales!

A todo el mundo le gusta comer, y una de las razones que la gente le gusta viajar es para conocer las culturas, y probar los differentes sabores de el mundo.

Las papilas gustativas, nos une a todos y  es lo que mas informacion nos da de cada cultura!

Despues de viajar el mundo aqui les ponemos los 5 paises con la mejor comida Internacional con el mejor sazon.

  1. Los Estados Unidos- Aunque mucha cocina se ha convertido en Americano. Lo que mas hace a nuestro paiz es La Hamburguesa, el Mac Y Cheese, El Hot Dog, pero su especialidad es el Clam Chowder (sopa espesa de almejas), y chocolate chip cookies (galletas con chipas de chocolate), pruebalas saliendo del horno y agregandole helado de pistachio en sima, es delicioso!
  1. Republica Dominican- Es muy famoso por su sofrito. todas las carnes son marinadas con una mezcla hecha en casa con: ajiz, cebolla, vinagre, aceite de olive, y cilantro. Sus mas famoso platos son Arroz Con Pollo, Platonos Fritos, Queso Frito, Mangu, y nadie ha probado un biscocho mejor que con el merengue Dominicano!
  1. Francia- Nadie puede hacer mejor pan que los Franceses! Su platos mas famosos son el estofado de carne, el pollo en vino rojo, y solo los franceses descubren como comer caracoles al horno y ponerle el nombre fino de Escargot!
  1. Armenia- Los Armenios saben como disfrutar sus Las papilas gustativas. Siempre comienzan con aperitivos que incluyen queso, camarones, ensaladas, embutidos y mas. Su cocina tiene mucha influencia Russa, y Mediteranea. Usan muchos de sus proteinas a el estilo Kabob. Tambien les encanta el chivo y la oveja. Su postre es famoso mundialmente el Backlava!
  1. Italia- Italia es una de los paizes que tiene la cocina mas Antigua de el mundo desde el 4to siglo. Este paiz nos dio la Pizza que todos en el mundo come. Los Italianos, son espectaculares con sus vegetales a la parilla. Nos dieron el café espresso y todos las pastas como Maccheroni, penne, linquine, spaghetti, lasagna, fusilli , tortellini and ravioli!  Sus postres son el Tiramisu y el Cannoli

Que rico es comer con todos los mejores sabores de el mundo. En Allure Events and Catering puedes escoger tu comida  para tu gran evento de cualquier parte de el mundo!

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